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Jan 29 2013

Big Time Tuna off of the Louisiana Coast. - Midnight Lump Report

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For years, offshore fishing in Louisiana could not wait for deer season to end because that meant that it was Lump Time. For several years running, the Louisiana Yellowfin and Mako Shark records were broken on or around the lump as the seasonal migration of the big Yellowfin moved in. Anyone who has done it for a while remembers the days when there were over 100 boats anchored on the lump, each one dumping 100 pounds or more of chum in the water hoping to be amongst the proud and the majority to bring back fresh tuna and big ones.

Then the 2010 and 2011 year hit and the catches seemed to fall off dramatically. The research that I did uncovered old research papers that seemed to indicate that on years when there was high flow on the Mississippi River, the murk layer removed so much of the sunlight that it killed the majority of the corals on these lumps and thus there were less fish. You know a broken link in the chain.

Then the winter months of 2012 came around and something unusual happened. There were some larger fish caught on the lump but there were an unusual number of smaller fish caught on the lump. Myself and many others hoped that this meant that we had a new crop of fish showing up.

Fast forward to January of 2013 and low and behold you have horrible weather that keeps everyone off the water for weeks. But as soon as it breaks, the news rolls into the dock ... the fish are back on the lumps. With just a few days of warm, calm weather there have been catches of medium and large Yellowfin Tuna on and around the lumps and the boxes have been topped off with the monster Wahoo that seem to roll in every year during the winter months.

It’s happening right now and looks like our hopes and dreams are coming true. We may actually be in an upswing! Only time will tell if this positive trend continues but it is happening now and NOW is a good time for you to be a part of it. Visit the Captains pages and look for offshore boats departing from Grand Isle, Fourchon and Venice, all of these ports are about he same distance from the famous Midnight Lump and all have excellent captains waiting to take you there.

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